The FANDom Performers

Désiré Èvoquer

Désiré, the evocative vixen, does it all. Why? Evoking a reaction from an audience is everything.

With a career spanning over a decade, Désiré has sung, acted, and danced her way into her audiences' hearts! Her previous favorite roles she has portrayed and peeled are: Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy, Hermione from Harry Potter, Harley Quinn from Batman, and Joffrey from Game of Thrones!

Don Rapture

Deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, Don was a Entertainer in a city made for the rich and eccentric. There he was taught the many arts of theater. Just after he started his Burlesque training disaster struck the city which forced him leave his once beloved home. He made it to Atlanta, Georgia where he has been gracing the stages of Nerdlesque as Professor Quirrell and Commissioner Gordon with FANDom Nerdlesque

Kali Fornication

The first born unicorn, and hardest core of soft porn, Kali Fornication is unforgettable. She's a rebel and a stunner, and she knows how to party. She'll leave you dreamin' on a winter's day. Kali is a co-founder of The FANDom Nerdlesque, and loves marrying her dance experience with her favorite fandoms to bring characters to life on the stage!

Mary Strawberry

Mary Strawberry is an internationally known award winning Atlanta, GA based theater artist with acts ranging from classic burlesque to sideshow and vaudevillian comedy. Mary finds herself at home both on the stage and behind it, and can be found sharing her art across North America. Whether performing, designing, building, teaching, or producing, she is sure to inspire.

Mary is formally trained in sideshow performance, Czech puppetry, ballet, set and costume design, props making and management, stage management, and more.

Sig Sawyer

Sig Sawyer, The Devil of Ga, is a geek through and through. Known for doing roles as Starlord, Ron Weasley, Robin, Scarecrow, Shaggy, and a whole bag of other characters, he loves to be on the stage and to bring the characters he loves to life.
Probably with his pants off...
Definitely with his pants off.

Valerie N. Steele

This Wildling woman has the Thickest Thighs in Westeros! Valerie N. Steele is an independent Atlanta based Burlesque performer specializing in Nerdlesque, and Comedy. Valerie mixes her love of Nerd Culture, Theatre, and Tassel Twirling to create high-energy striptease performances. She is a 2015 graduate of The Atlanta School of Burlesque, a regular performer with Syrens of the South Productions, and of course a member of The FANDom Nerdlesque company!